Mediation Services

When construction goes awry, the last thing either party wants are more legal fees and the risk of an unfavourable arbitration or trial. Mediation is your last opportunity to have direct control over a settlement. Don’t take your chances. Mediators with only a legal background may be excellent lawyers, but in matters of construction, expert technical understanding facilitates the fairest and most satisfactory settlements for both parties.

When so much is at stake, you want a mediator with proven

  • Technical expertise

  • Experience

  • Negotiation skills

A technically versed mediator negotiates outcomes that settle the construction dispute, rather than suggesting settlement arrangements based solely on fear of unfavourable legal outcomes.

David informs parties to a dispute with technical experience and knowledge to keep settlements workable, reasonable, fair.

For a detailed list of Stewart Consulting’s mediation and other dispute resolution services, visit the step by step page or get in touch to speak with David or office manager Rick Wade directly.