Troubled Construction Services

Technical “experts” are a dime a dozen if you’re not fussy about a meaningful track record on real construction projects. If, on the other hand, you want a solid case based on reliable opinions, concrete evidence and consistent testimony, give us a call. At Stewart Consulting, we believe that technical experts in construction-related cases should be

  • Educated

  • Qualified

  • Experienced

Add to this a reputation for consistent defence of well-research positions and you’ve got yourself a critically valuable resource.

Over the past 15 years, David’s clients and their lawyers across Washington, Oregon and Nevada have come to expect clear, unambiguous and reliable analysis. They know they can depend on David’s consistent testimony in depositions, arbitrations and trials and value his extensive experience of the legal process. A seasoned veteran of trial situations, David has worked with dozens of lawyers on cases ranging from small issues with single-family residences to commercial projects costing tens of millions of dollars to settle.

For a detailed description of expert witness services, visit the step by step page, or get in touch to speak with David or office manager, Rick Wade, directly.