Are you an Architect, Contractor or Lawyer?

Owner representation isn’t just a good deal for owners.

With independent advice, owners
  • Know their responsibilities

    An informed owner is aware of his or her share in the job. Stewart Consulting provides the owner with impartial information on the roles and responsibilities of each party, so contractors and architects aren’t burdened with extraneous requests or undue blame for complications.
  • Invest adequately in good design

    The number one contributing factor to construction disputes is cutting costs in the design phase. Stewart Consulting makes sure owners devote enough budget to producing the optimum level of design.
  • Provide input in a timely manner

    Get the input you need from owners when you need it. Stewart Consulting makes sure owners stay abreast of decision deadlines, so architects and contractors can get on with doing what they do best.

And most of all

  • Owners are confident and happy with the work

    Owner’s reps provide independent, impartial opinions that owners can trust. With this added assurance, owners have no need to second-guess architects and contractors who are doing a good job. Stewart Consulting makes sure owners know when they are paying the right amount for the quality they receive.

So, for hassle-free jobs and excellent professional relationships, consider recommending

our Owner’s Representation services to your clients.

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