Pre Construction

The run up to building a project is an extremely important phase of the construction process.  ‘Pre Construction’ blogs present clear and simple explanations and tips to help this crucial time run as smoothly as possible.  

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, construction is not an intuitive process, even for lawyers.  The biggest misconception, I’ve found, is that it is okay for owners to cheap out on the essential design stage and then expect contractor to compensate for design deficiencies. 

Perfect sets of plans and specifications detailing every miniscule facet of a project unambiguously and with crystal clarity are about as easy to find as unicorn leather upholstery for your chaise longue.  Invariably, (before or during construction) contractors will need more information, clarification, or to point out if something’s amiss.  

To get the best price, Owners get general contractors (who retain the appropriate sub-contractors) to submit competitive bids for a project.  

“Bid package” is a term used to describe all the documents that are necessary in order for contractors to respond to and participate in what is known as an invitation to bid. The range of documents involved in a given bid package will vary based on the requirements set by the entity issuing the bid invitation.

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