Troubled Construction Services: Step by Step

When construction goes wrong, competent analysis from a qualified professional is the surest way to a quick and satisfactory resolution.

As a construction expert, David is:

  • Educated

    With an undergraduate degree in civil engineering from the University of Auckland (ranked in the top 65 universities in the world), David has gone on to study in a number of construction-related fields including building surveying and repair of damaged building envelope components.
  • Qualified

    David is licensed as a professional engineer in the United States, and is similarly licensed in both civil engineering and building surveying in New Zealand.
  • Experienced

    David calls on a unique blend of experience forged over 45 years in the construction trenches and a profound understanding of the construction process. His professional opinions are reliable because they are founded on his proven ability to build projects from private homes to viaducts, hospitals to waste water treatment plants.

With this solid background, Stewart Consulting offers a range of services to resolve construction disputes.

Expert Witness

An expert witness is an individual who, by virtue of education, training, skill, and/or experience, is recognised as having expertise and specialised knowledge in a particular subject. This knowledge is so rigorous and complete that others may officially and legally rely upon the witness' specialized scientific, technical or other opinion on a fact or evidence issue.

A competent expert witness renders complex technical information simply but accurately and has the credentials to convince presiding parties of their testimony’s validity. Credentials are especially important as the efficacy of an expert witness is best measured by the credibility that judges, juries and arbiters are willing to give them. If your expert is questionable, so is your argument.

David testifies in construction-related cases on a regular basis and has a proven track record founded on relevant qualifications, experience, confidence, and the ability to articulate a solid opinion. As a witness, David has not only the professional understanding to explain technical aspects coherently, but also the courtroom experience to know the most effective way to present this information and what to expect of any particular case. He provides your legal team with solid, well-researched information for a sound case and the strength of character to stick to a well-researched position.

Construction Defect Consulting

The Washington Condominium Act establishes an immaculate standard for the construction of multi-family residences in Washington State. However, construction is an imperfect process – to make any building perfect in every respect would be cost prohibitive. This disconnect between prevailing statutes and reality has created a tidal wave of construction-related litigation.

Retained by lawyers working for general contractors, developers and owners, Stewart Consulting has been at the forefront of this surge in litigation virtually since its inception in 1996. We provide analysis of alleged construction defects for all components of the building envelope including concrete, framing, siding, fenestration elements (windows & doors), roofing and decks.

Stewart Consulting is, of course, not limited to condominiums. David and his associates share a wealth of construction experience in tenancy improvements, residential construction, hotels and war remediation projects. The company has also worked on mega-projects, industrial work (such as waste water treatment facilities valued at $US100m) and heavy civil construction worth in excess of $US235m.

Construction Claim Preparation

Whenever parties engage in a construction contract there is the potential for a dispute. The high stakes of the construction industry is fertile ground for high dollar disputes between parties, even if everyone starts out with the best of intentions.

Stewart Consulting has a long history of preparing claims for contractors and sub-contractors to recover losses that would otherwise have been borne by our clients. Such disputes include but are not limited to delay claims, differing conditions claims, extra work claims, defective work/materials by suppliers and contractual disputes.

Construction Claim Analysis

When a participant in the construction process receives a claim, it is often difficult to objectively analyse and understand the claimant's perspective. In these cases, it is usually worthwhile to consult a third party who can advise you on the validity of the claim and how best to resolve it quickly and satisfactorily.

Stewart Consulting has participated in responding to numerous construction claims ranging from minor disputes to claims worth tens of millions of dollars. The nature of these claims covers everything from defective design to damage by sub-contractors during construction. In all cases, Stewart Consulting’s participation has facilitated resolution without having to resort to expensive trials.

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